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Highs and lows as the new year dawns

As the new year dawns we are reflecting on the highs of last year and facing new challenges.

Hello 2021!

As the new year dawns we are reflecting on the highs of last year including the beginning of our soap businesses and the birth of our newest kid on the block Bep.

But we’ve also been facing a tough battle with our much loved and only boy goat Axl. For reasons unknown (but we suspect an injury caused by one of the other goats), he went down a week before Christmas and despite our best efforts to help him, he has been unable to get up.

For the past two weeks we’ve worked with him, lifted him, repositioned him, stretched his legs, massaged his spine and prayed for a miracle. Just when we think all hope is lost he gives a little sign that we should keep going, so for now that’s what we are doing. Yes he is just a goat, but he is our goat, he is part of the Bearded Lady Goats family and we’re just not ready to let him go.

On a brighter note … we’ve been overwhelmed by the support for our Bearded Lady Goat Milk Soaps and completely sold out by Christmas. So the holidays are being spent making new batches, testing and trying new things. We’re hoping to soon launch some new products including a goat milk soap laundry powder, as well as shaving and shampoo soaps.

Happy New Year to all our friends, family and customers. Thank you so much for support our little soap venture.

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