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Sometimes … miracles do happen

So, just when we had almost given up hope for our lovely Mr Rose - this happened!

Our injured boy Axl stood, with a little help from us, and took his first few wobbly steps outside to join the other goats eating hay.

We could not believe it, after more than two weeks on the ground we manage to get him up onto his feet. The first time he just stood, stretched, relieved himself and looked around then collapsed back to the ground. 

Then today after a couple more times helping him up and letting him gradually find his feet, Axl took his first steps outside the goat shed into the paddock.

Supported by us and some old towels underneath him, Axl was able to bask in the sunshine and chew on some hay with the rest of his family. He stayed outside for about half an hour before making his way back to the shed when he was ready to rest again.

It’s still early days, but that is the best sign yet that Axl might actually recover from whatever the mystery injury was that left him unable to stand or walk. 

2021 is already looking up.

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